Viktor Pivovarov The Agent in Love | Viktor Pivovarov

Viktor Pivovarov’s The Agent in Love is the English edition of a book by the classic of Moscow Conceptualism translated by one of the most famous contemporary Russian to English translators Andrew Bromfield. The publication launches a new series within Garage’s publishing program, Artists Write, that will be dedicated to the release of previously unpublished prose by Russian artists in foreign languages. The eminent Slavic scholar and editor Andrew Bromfield has made the works of such Russian authors as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Bulgakov, Leo Tolstoy, the Strugatsky brothers, Daniil Kharms, Genrikh Sapgir, Viktor Pelevin, Boris Akunin, and Vladimir Voinovich accessible to an international audience. The Agent in Love is a book of memoirs and reflections by Viktor Pivovarov initially published by New Literary Observer in 2001. The second edition, revised and expanded, was prepared by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in 2016, coinciding with the artist’s retrospective The Snail’s Trail. The Agent in Love combines the author’s personal and artistic biographies with his comments and contemplations about various aspects of life, art, faith, the problem of choice, and love. The book received a warm reaction from the audience, both in 2001 and 2016. In 2018, it was translated into Czech and published in Prague.
Издательство: Garage
Год издания: 2021
Автор: Виктор Пивоваров
Тип обложки: мягкая
Количество страниц: 372
ISBN 978-8-0906-7143-0
Язык: русский
Размер: 200x145x22 мм
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